Work with me

I'm a UI engineer. I Design and Develop websites- often, I do both at the same time. This allows me to quickly prototype ideas, go straight from wireframe to website and create responsive variants on the fly.

How to get in touch

The easiest way is to send an e-mail with your project details to I'll usually respond within 48 hours.

Why work with me?

Through my experience working with clients of all sizes, from fortune 500 companies to 5 person startups, I have developed a nuanced understanding of what it takes to build and maintain a successful product. I bring a nuanced understanding of the current Front end development landscape and will set your team up to succeed even after my contract ends.

Tech stack

I work in Javascript or Typescript and usually use React with Next.js for websites. For more ambitious projects or when performance is crucial I use Svelte. I can quickly integrate with any tech stack and have experience using all major state management and styling paradigms.